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Jane & Jo GOODS is a womxn/LGBT+ owned business in the Phoenix metro area. We are dedicated to fostering creativity, supporting the arts, and encouraging sustainable habits within our community. We strive to offer products that are sustainable and unique. All of our goods are reusable objects that are designed to replace common single-use items and all of our personally hand-made items are made with thrifted fabrics before being crafted into something new! 

We are originally from the Des Moines area, and have been together since 2015, married since 2018, and expanded our family by two cats, Frida & Oliver, and puppy, Leo. We moved to Phoenix during the summer of 2021. It is our goal to make sustainability engaging, relatable and accessible to people of all ages and all walks of life. We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do.
peyton pfp.jpeg


In reality, Jane's name is Peyton Honeck. She has a degree in Art History and enjoys learning from the past and encouraging creativity. She is also a strong social/climate justice advocate for all. In her free time, she is keen on reading, traveling, hiking, going to punk shows, and cooking (and eating) delicious vegan food.  

Favorite item in the shop: shampoo bars


In real life, Jo is really named Taylor Honeck. She spends her days teaching young artists as an elementary art teacher. Her kids will probably tell you she's annoying about recycling, but rightfully so! When she's not teaching, she likes to spend her time vegan baking, hiking/foraging, traveling, and of course, making art!

Favorite item in the shop: underarm detox bars

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